ES First | An Excelsior Springs Church

About ES First

Be prepared to discover that we are an inclusive community made up of a diverse range of people at varying points in their lives. So we invite you to be silly, be serious, be everything in between but more than anything, we invite you to be you, as we take steps of faith together, learning what it means to follow the words and actions of Jesus.

What to Expect

Never been to ES First? Been a while since you’ve been around? Well, come on in, we got a seat with your name on it. Here’s what you can expect on a typical Sunday morning worship service.
1. The worship band will play some loud music for you to sing.
2. Someone will say hi, and ask you to say hi to other people.
3. The band will play another song or two for you to sing some more.. this time a little slower.
4. One of the Pastors will deliver a message centered around the Christian Bible.
5. When the sermon gets wrapped up, we’ll put offering in gold plates.
6. Someone will get up to give you the rundown with what’s going on at ES First
7. We’ll pray and send you out singin’.